Live at the Galt Room, Cafe 13 on April 9

An enthusiastic crowd turned out to see Robin Harrison & Robin Aggus (pipes, whistles, concertina and accordion) and us (dulcimers, dulcimers, dulcimers) play and sing our traditional tunes and songs at the regular Friday night Folk at the Cafe on April 9 in Cambridge.

DSC_2876 Ok, so maybe my voice wasn’t quite as sweet as I would have liked, and maybe there were a couple of glitches on the odd note or two, but hey, that’s live performance, right?  We had a lot of fun playing our favourite instruments and repertoire in front of a friendly, sing-along/hum-along audience who clearly love traditional music (and musicians!) as much as we do.  A great night, and thanks again to Brad McEwen of the Mill Race Folk Society for his ongoing efforts to keep traditional music alive – and traditional musicians performing. 

And hey – we even sold a few CDs!  It’s called Southwind, Dulcimer Tunes to Drift Away On… and you  can contact me at  jrmills (at) rogers (dot) com  if you’re interested in buying one.  Stay tuned – we’ll put up some samples for you to hear, soon.