We're Getting Ready for Mill Race!

Angie and I are busy building and tweaking our repertoire in preparation for the Mill Race Festival of Traditional Music taking place in downtown Cambridge this August 3-5.

We've been listening to field recordings made by Mike Yates in the late 1970s on a trip to Appalachia. Some of these unusual tunes and songs are finding their way into our set lists. We debuted a couple of them the Spring Preview Concert in March ("Black is the Colour" and "Jerusalem Mourns") and will share more at the Festival. Lots of fun to play on dulcimer, and even more fun to sing.

Of course, we still plan to include lots of our trademark fingerstyle dulcimer duets as well. That's how we began performing together, and it's a hard habit to break. Besides, who would want to? There's nothing more soothing than the harp-like resonance of two fingerpicked mountain dulcimers.

Be sure to check out the list of performers coming to this year's Festival.  A big part of the fun for both audience and musicians is the mash-up of performers who share workshop stages, trading tunes and songs, offering accompaniment and harmony, and learning something new. Expect the unexpected!

We look forward to seeing you there! We hope to have our second CD completed in time for the Festival too...

And please remember - the Mill Race Festival of Traditional Music is a FREE festival. Buy a program, throw some money in the buckets when the Morris dancers sweep the crowd, and support accessible, live traditional music.

Angie and Jean
at the 2012 Spring Preview concert.