Mill Race is coming...and we have a new CD!

The Mill Race Festival of Traditional Music is a week away (August 3-5) and we are so ready to take the stage.

The past two months have been devoted to producing our second CD, Little Sparrow, a slew of mostly Appalachian songs we learned from some field recordings published by Musical Traditions in a collection called Far in the Mountains.

Some of the songs are silly and lightweight. Some are quite dark. And at least one is, well, raunchy! (Oh those traditional singers - they know how to please an audience...)

We're looking forward to sharing our new material and re-introducing the Mill Race audience to our old stuff, which we performed the last time we were at the Festival, in 2009.

And, to help us spread the word of traditional tune and song - especially dulcimer tunes and songs - we've started a Twitter account: JeanandAngie is the name, @dulcimergirlz is the address. Follow us! We're planning to Tweet from the stage (if we can do it without being rude, of course). Maybe you can be part of the act...?

So, to recap: Mill Race takes place Friday, August 3 to Sunday, August 5 (and we will be there); we have a new song-filled CD called Little Sparrow to go with our previous instrumental offering, Southwind; and you can follow Jeanandangie on Twitter by searching @dulcimergirlz.

Got that? Hope so! See you at Mill Race!